Measurement cycle

We know the results before you wake up!

gemiusAudience is presenting a completely new approach to the Internet Audience Measurement study. Publishing results on the next day opens new possibilities for the dynamically changing industry.

It’s a revolution - firstly introduced to the Polish market.

How will it actually look like?

Till now all studies were based on presenting monthly research results. We had to wait additional days for the analysis of monthly traffic data. Now there is no more need to wait.

The result files are available in 3 versions (including PC, smartphone and tablet platforms):

  • daily files (data for the previous day)
  • week files (data for the whole previous week)
  • monthly files (data for the whole previous month)

What are the benefits?

All business decisions that you will make from now on will be based on almost real time digital trends. On the online landscape quick adjustments are the key. Now you have a reliable source of information benchmarking you among your competitors and supporting your media and campaigns planning.