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The leading internet audience measurement research that provides detailed information about digital and traditional media usage along with demographic profiles. The wide range of available metrics, that can be used in different combinations, enable for in-depth visitors’ activity analysis on the websites and in applications, with distinguish for PC and mobile devices, as well as radio and linear TV, both in-home and out-of-home usage.

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Your most essential gemiusAudience results just a close at hand!

gemiusRating is an online tool presenting the most important and the most desired gemiusAudience study’s results in a simple and user-friendly way. The public version of gemiusRating is available in selected European countries. Visit and check the hottest data for selected market without the need to log in.

gemiusRating offers you three types of reports:

  • An overview – basic analysis of the selected market,
  • Rankings – for a selected day/week/month:
    • Domains ranking
    • Publishers ranking
    • Applications ranking
    • Streaming players ranking
    • Aggregates (e.g. Thematic groups, Advertising networks) ranking
  • Trend – time trend data for selected publishers, domains, streaming players and applications.

The scope of public data depends on the market individual requirements hence the data for some markets can be limited.




Your tool for advanced analysis

gemiusExplorer is an easy-to-use, powerful analytic application for online media planning & optimizing online advertising campaigns. It provides on-the-fly complex analysis of huge amounts of data. The most important features of gemiusExplorer include:

  • de-duplication reach for selected set of domains, streaming players and applications:
    • how many users visit my websites, streaming players and applications,
    • how many users will visit my website, streaming players and applications if I buy a new one,
    • how many users visit a selected set of websites, streaming players and applications,
    • audience share for domains, streaming players and applications;
  • advanced socio-demographic profile of the Internet users who have visited selected domains, streaming players and applications;
  • customized view of analysis:
    • domains, streaming players and applications,
    • platforms,
    • metrics – basic, advanced metrics for audience analysis, metrics dedicated for streaming players and applications,
    • custom target groups,
    • pivot table with the analyzed data

Demo access – download and try out our desktop application today! After installation just select Open Overnight data in the File menu. Use the demo access login:

Login: pl:demo

Password: demo

Select the desired time period (please, have in mind that our demo data contain only 7 days dating back 2 months from now) and unlock our potential to fuel your future (and better!) business decisions.


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