gemiusAudience is a cutting-edge digital audience measurement due to the use of innovative hybrid methodology. It combines site-centric data acquired from the tagged websites, stream players and applications with user-centric data collected from online questionnaires and monitoring application installed on the panelists’ devices. The declarative and real activity information is then put together to create unified user-centric data.

The site-centric data is acquired from tagged websites, stream players and applications. The user-centric data (including extensive socio-demographic characteristics) is collected from online questionnaires filled in by respondents (declarative information), as well as from the software monitoring installed on the respondents’ devices (real activity information).  The declarative and real activity information is fused to create the unified user-centric data.

Additionally, the user-centric data is re-scaled for the final-stage study, so that it is representative of the general population characteristics.

The site-centric and user-centric data sets are combined in a way that allows for drawing benefit from both: precise information about the users’ consumption of websites’ content, streams and applications, and the socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics of these users.

In the data processing phase several verification steps are applied: data quality tests, but also, filtering out abusive events (e.g. automatic refreshes, extreme activity etc).

The results allow for the reach estimation and audience segmentation for the whole market, as well as for the specified target groups (based on both socio-demographic characteristics and behaviors).

The algorithms for the calculation of the Real User metric and interconnected Reach metric eliminate the influence of the following situations: several users sharing one computer, one user using multiple computers, one user using many devices (e.g. computer + tablet + smartphone), and the deletion of cookies by the user.

Following the popularisation of the usage of many devices almost simultaneously (multiscreening) (PC, mobile phones and tablets) and numerous channels (like various Internet browsers and mobile applications) by the same user, the need to deliver one de-duplicated figure, describing the de-duplicated Reach and Real User values for all device platforms and channels together, has been addressed with the innovative methodology. Behavioral Panel Synthesis (BPS) allows for result presentation not only for a particular platform (e.g. PC or mobile phones), but also for all used devices. Application-Browser merging (AB merging) is an answer to the question about total Reach for all channels displaying same content. Our advanced algorithm provides the information about the number of Real Users using the applications with their socio-demographic profiles and de-duplication between websites, streaming players and  applications.  

Our methodology allows us to present our data on the next day (allows for the data presentation on the next day).  The result files are available in 3 versions:

  • daily files (data for the previous day) – available the next morning
  • week files (data for the whole previous week) – available on Mondays
  • monthly files (data for the whole previous month) – available till the 5th day of the next month.

gemiusAudience results:

  • delivered daily
  • socio-demographic and behavioral target groups 
  • device platform split with Real Users de-duplication for Total Reach
  • websites, streams and applications measurement for both tagged and non-tagged websites
  • online interface and a full offline analytics app


The Real Users in gemiusAudience research are actually real! 

Research results