New standard in Internet Audience Measurement

We know the results before you wake up! New standard in Internet Audience Measurement

Research results on daily basis

The online business world is a very dynamic environment – you need to adjust quickly if you want to keep up with your competitors. To do that you need the newest, most reliable data that you can find on the market. The new gemiusAudience study has the answer - introducing a new level to the Internet Audience Measurement.

gemiusAudience is presenting a completely new approach to the Internet Audience Measurement study. Publishing results on the next day opens new possibilities for the dynamically changing industry. The result files are available in three versions (including PC, smartphone and tablet platforms): daily, weekly and monthly files.


What are the benefits? 

gemiusAudience sets a new standard in presentation of Internet media usage, competition monitoring, media and campaign planning. The solution provides you a reliable source of information benchmarking you among your competitors. On the online landscape quick adjustments are the key and now you can make business decisions based on real digital trends! 







We provide knowledge and information for online publishers, investors, media agencies and advertisers to make the right decisions. Measure

Soc-demo profiles and online media usage

Our study provides detailed information about internet media usage and socio-demographical profiles of online audiences, that is the source of knowledge and decisions for online publishers, investors, media agencies and advertisers.

Real Users

gemiusAudience measurement offers a solution for one of the biggest challenges in Internet Audience Measurement  - it estimates the number of real people (Real Users) consuming online content, not the number of cookies. This is important, as cookies do not reflect the actual number of internet users because of e.g. using different browsers, device sharing as well as the growing problem of cookie deletion or lack of cookies acceptance on certain operating systems (iOS).

Websites, Streams & Apps

We are offering all in one package. gemiusAudience measures not only websites, but also streams and applications.


Over the past several years the landscape of Internet has experienced dynamic and dramatic changes which led to the paradigm shift in online media consumption and consumer behavior. Mobile traffic has reached and surpassed 10% in most of Central and Eastern European countries, while amounting to 50% in such markets as Denmark. Internet users no longer browse the web with the use of PCs, but they are also consuming online content via smartphones, tablets, smart TVs. Gemius offers the methodology that shows detailed data on users’ behavior on each of the platforms separately as well as jointly with de-duplication.



Advertise to the right audience, optimize your ad budget spending, benchmark your inventory against the competition – gemiusAudience supports knowledge-driven decisions. Benefit

Benchmark yourself against the competition

With gemiusAudience every site, stream and  app is measured upon the same methodology, so you can create reliable benchmarks. With which competitor you have biggest audience duplication? Where to plan your campaigns? How you and your competitors’ marketing actions affect the audience profile? These are only a few questions that you can answer using gemiusAudience!

Find the right place to spend your advertising budget

With the gemiusAudience data you can learn on which websites your target group is available and is spending meaningful time, what kind of streaming content they are consuming and which apps they are interested in. This way you can make the right, knowledge-driven decision, being sure where to invest your advertising budget.

Advertise to the right audience

Knowing where to find your audience, you can optimize your campaigns in terms of choosing websites, streams and apps with high affinity, reach & engagement of your target group. Moreover, gemiusAudience study enables calculation of the de-duplicated audience on websites selected for a given campaign.

Learn what kind of users you have

Check socio-demographical profiles of users visiting your websites and track the trends. Knowing this information significantly helps adjusting your site and its content to the users’ needs and to prepare better offers for advertisers based on trustful data.

Optimise your inventory

Results of the gemiusAudience study are the basis for gaining advertisers’ budgets! When taking part in the study, your website's audience data will directly reach media agencies and online advertisers, as Gemius provides them with data for online media planning and buying.



Gemius provides easy-to-use, powerful analytical tools for online media planning & optimising online advertising campaigns. gemiusExplorer desktop application provides on-the-fly complex analysis of huge amounts of data. gemiusRating is an online tool presenting the most important and the most desired gemiusAudience study’s results. Visit and check the hottest data for selected market without the need to log in.

Take a dive into the endless analytical possibilities!

Research results

gemiusAudience study is an official currency 
appointed by local joint industry committees on 10+ markets, 
such as:

Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey, Denmark, Moldova, Belgium, Luxembourg. On other markets such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, where there is no local industry organization, we are de facto currency. Throughout all markets where gemiusAudience is present, its implementing directly contributed to a growth of online market transparency and significant increase in online advertising spending.

Gemius synergy effect

As a matter of Gemius corporate strategy, we develop holistic and integrated research methodologies. All our tools are designed to be both, consistent and fully independent at the same time. Our clients’ can take advantage of the synergy effect, which is the result of combination of gemiusAudience with other Gemius solutions.

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